On our farm we produce fresh quality celeriac, grown in the open field. Throughout the whole year we produce environmentally friendly and healthy crops for the fresh market. Originally we started with the cultivation of celeriac, several varieties of cabbage, leeks and potatoes.

During the past few years we have been specialising in the growht of celeriac and nowadays we supply celeriac throughout the whole year.


The farm is founded on the 1st of January 2000 by Luc Berden. On the ancient family farm - built 1954 - the farming business was picked up again in a professional way. The agricultural roots of the Berden Family find their origing even before the 19th century. It runs in the blood: nowadays many descendants of this family are still part of the agricultural business in the region.



Even though our primair sales are focussed on wholesales, exports and vegetable traders, we are increasing our sales directly to consumers. In our farm store at the Heymansstraat in Venlo we sell fresh celeriac every day. Furthermore we deliver several stores and supermarkets who give priority to selling fresh and high quality vegetables. We are proud to be able to offer our fresh celeriac in the following supermarkets:

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Next to that, our celeriac is being processed in vegetable mixes and soup packets in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.



Most of the cultivation work is done by ourselves with our own machinery. Our crops are GLOBAL-GAP certified and satisfy all required rules and demands.

Crop protection, fertilising and irrigation take place according to an "integrated system", and all data are registered accurately.

As a result of this, our working method  is totally autonomous, which makes it possible for us to respond in a flexibel way to the wishes of our customers.



We deliver celeriac throughout the whole year. During all of the months we can supply celeriac without leafs, and from June to February also celeriac with leafs.

Our specialty is daily fresh, high quality, white celeriac with a nice truss of fresh green leafs. 

The extensive availability of celeriac can be realised by harvesting daily during spring, summer and autumn. During the winther months we supply celeriac from the cooling storage.

Recently we started with a new initiative to extend the availability of daily fresh celeriac with leafs. 

Our supply is mainly focused on long-term relationships with customers needing celeriac of a constant, good quality on a regular basis. We do not want to grow an anonymous half-product for an anonymous customer. On the contrary, we want to suppy a ready-to-use crop, corresponding tot the exact wishes and demands of our clients.

Therefore we like to help our customers by assessing their wishes and demands. Nothing seems impossible to meet a broad range of preferences. Some possibilities: 

  • supply 24 hours a day
  • supply 7 days a week
  • supply 52 weeks a year
  • delivering at your location (also international)
  • ordering by SMS / e-mail / internet
  • supply at any time, also during the night
  • insight or even participation in the growing process
  • price and supply contracts on daily, weekly or seasonal basis
  • celeriac suppliable directly from the field


For further information, a specific offer or an informative conversation, you can always contact us. See contact details.



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